Pragmagest: plastic and packaging The Pragmagest group was founded in 1995. Thanks to its technical and business expertise, as well as values that have always guided its entrepreneurial activity, such as consideration for people, honesty, consistency, training and passion, it managed to establish a presence both nationally and internationally right from the beginning of its activity.

In the first few years of business, Pragmagest dealt exclusively with distribution and trading of plastic raw materials, both commodities and engineering polymers for the injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding sectors.

In 1996, the group purchased a modern production facility in Castellalto (TE) and commissioned ten thermoforming machines to produce thermoformed containers for the food processing industry.

In 2004, a new facility was built in Mercato Saraceno (FC), which was to become the group's headquarters and was laid out for the storage of raw materials as well as to house a new production division.

In 2006, the first flat die technology extrusion line was installed for the production of monolayer and multilayer barrier film, mainly intended for the food processing industry and for packaging consumer and industrial products.

In 2009, the second extrusion line for producing 7-layer film started operating.

Today, Pragmagest, thanks to the most modern and efficient technologies available, long-standing experience in the plastics and packaging industry, control over the entire supply chain and professionalism of the entire personnel, can be considered one of the most competitive packaging suppliers internationally.
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